Velvet Ecstasy is a site that features real amateur models and couple. It looks to promote the idea that so-called amateurs can have sex and pose in front of the cameras just as much as any professional model or pornstar can. The people are real and the sex – whether it be in a couple or by a girl on her own – is real as well.

Honest Porn Reviews
(last reviewed 06/07/2019)

You are now in the realm of velvet ecstasy meaning all the sensuality of the "Arabian (metaphorically of course) Nights" unfolding under your very eyes. Do not close them lest you miss the glory of a real night out.

Tyler's Porn Reviews
(last reviewed 05/12/2014)

Velvet Ecstasy is quite a nice site, especially for fans of real amateur porn. They're doing pretty much everything right here...the archive of content is huge and varied, the quality is top-notch (I was particularly impressed with the videos), and the monthly fee is very reasonable. Best of all, the hardcore action is very hot and you'll love seeing these real couples and amateur babes suck and fuck on film for you. Check Velvet Ecstasy out today, I highly recommend it!

Quality Amateur Paysites
(last reviewed 04/27/2009)

If you like original amateur sex action with real models and real action then this is well worth your time and money. I have no doubts you will not regret having spent money over here.

Video Porn Reviews
(last reviewed 11/12/2008)

If it were totally up to me, I would have to recommend this site to everyone, I really enjoyed the time I spent here. They gave me some of my favorite things, which includes realism, and that played out through the entire site in my opinion, it wasn’t just real, it was actual and intense and captured nicely.

Porn Inspector
(last reviewed 10/09/2019)

When it comes to hardcore porn sites, it can be a little tough to stand out from the crowd, but certainly manages to do so. This interesting site focuses on real-live couples having the best kind of sex – their kind! The “performers” here don’t really seem to be performing at all, in fact they rarely if ever look at the camera and their focus is exactly where it should be, on their partner and on themselves.

Porn Billy
(last reviewed 06/05/2008)

Velvet Ecstasy is the perfect site for amateur lovers. This site showcases real couples living out their fantasies and brings it all to you in true amateur form. The couples are enjoyable, the sex is hot and you will be cumming back for more and more!

Rabbits Reviews
(last reviewed 7/30/2019)

Carry on checking on categories section, I have always found rich content of sets and, for each set, great quality of files! As described by the same site, there are no famous porn stars, but girls are nasty and they are looking nice. In order to check the complete site it would take months, there are so many things to see that you will get crazy, I can guarantee!

Free Ones
(last reviewed 11/18/2019)

When we last visited this site, over two years ago, we thought it was one of the best amateur sites we've seen (if you know Sir Rodney, that is really saying something). The emphasis here is on couples, amateurs (meaning those new to porn performing), and facials, with a nice smattering of threesome action, with just the right touch of kink. The models are very attractive and convincing-looking "girl next door" types, even though they fuck like pros, right down to the facial finale. Also, allow us also to gush about the navigation and design. If we could rate "ease of use" above 5, we would. These guys make it look so simple, and their site is so fast, it makes us wonder what the hell is wrong with everyone else.

Sir Rodney
(last reviewed 7/8/2005)